Short and Sweet - Text Message Q&A #403


Rulings of Our Sages

Q: Why did our Sages establish specific laws for extreme cases?

A: Before our Sages established laws they were very careful. Their intention was to add purity and to prevent eccentricity.


Mashiach's Arrival

Q: Is there a contradiction between the belief in Mashiach's arrival and our political endeavors?

A: No. We anticipate Mashiach's miraculous arrival every single day. We believe in miracles but we don't depend on miracles.


Speak to Hashem

Q: Is the statement ''Speak to Hashem and everything will materialize'' heretical?

A: No, but it's incorrect.


Ridiculous Views

Q: How can we remain calm and collected when we hear illogical and ridiculous viewpoints?

A: Even though it's aggravating we shouldn't react rashly.


Q: Is Avraham a good recommended name?

A: Definitely.  We'll be fortunate if we manage to attain a small fraction of the enormity of our first patriarch Avraham Avinu.


Wife Beater

Q: May a violent husband serve as a representative of the congregation in public prayers?
A: Absolutely not, unless he repents.

Honoring Parents

Q: In order to avoid friction with my parents may I perform certain Mitzvot leniently?
A: Yes, and in extremely difficult situations this is permitted as a first resort.

Wedding Chuppah

Q: When a wedding Chuppah is in progress should the guests concentrate on particular thoughts?

A: The blessings recited under the Chuppah pertain essentially to the bride and groom who are obligated to listen intently without distraction. The guests are not bound by those blessings. Some people pray for the success and welfare of the couple but they may think general thoughts.

Disrespectful Child

Q: How should parents deal with a very disrespectful child?

A: 1. Set boundaries. 2. Try to determine what's troubling him and causing his extreme behaviour. 3. Display an abundance of love and affection.

Hashem Decides

Q: Does Hashem plan all my life experiences?

A: Of course, but along with Hashem's plan we have free choice. Although this seems to be a contradiction we know that Hashem governs over everything including logic and reason.