Short and Sweet - Text Message Q&A #399


Heavenly Mate

Q: Is it true that there are 7 soulmates for each and every individual and that based on

one's spiritual level the most appropriate is the designated spouse?

A: No.

Studying English

Q: Studying English in high school is a complete waste of my time. What should I do?

A: 1. Switch to a high school without English studies on the curriculum.
2. If that's not a viable option, change your attitude and invest serious effort. Life is full of challenges. By overcoming obstacles we reinforce positive character traits such as courage.

Q: How should I react after someone insulted me? Should I discuss the matter with him or should I forget about it completely?

A: Sincere forgiveness is best but only on condition that you won't hold a dormant grudge. If the matter lingers on in your heart, you should tactfully speak to him.

Medication Containing Non-Kosher Ingredient

Q: Is it permissible to administer a medication that contains enzymes derived from the pancreas of a pig to a patient whose life is not endangered?

A: Yes. The medication underwent a process that transformed its nature. It's not consumed as a food.

Disrespectful student

Q: How should an educator contend with an extremely audacious and disrespectful student?
A: Initiate a heart-to-heart discussion and encourage him to disclose his troubles and concerns.

Duplicating Discs

Q: Is it permissible to duplicate computer discs?

A: No. The artist or musician invests time and money, therefore only after permission is granted may one duplicate the disc. Otherwise it's theft.

Sleeping in Shelter

Q: We live in the South. Should the parents or the children sleep in the shelter?
A: The children, because they are more vulnerable.

Power of an Individual

Q: Given the fact that I am a single individual, how much influence can I possibly have on the world?

A: There's no limit to the tremendous influence on the world of the seemingly unimportant, single individual. The effort one invests counts far more than the outcome, as we learn in the book Nefesh Ha-Chaim, as well as in the Pirkei Avot chapter 5 at the end of the last Mishnah.

Jewelry during Pregnancy

Q: Is it true that during pregnancy a woman should refrain from wearing gold jewelry, for example, a gold ring?

A: No.

Difficult Challenges

Q: When I'm in Yeshiva everything runs smoothly but when I'm at home I can't deal with the difficult challenges!

A: You have the wherewithal to emulate the righteous Yosef Ha-Tzadik, who courageously overcame extremely difficult challenges during his entire time in Egypt, when he was surrounded by immorality!