Short & Sweet - Text Message Q&A #394


Guest in Seat at Shul

Q: A guest was sitting in my seat at Shul.  The Halachah says that one should Daven in a fixed place.  If I ask him to move, he might be insulted.  What should I do?

A: It is preferable not to insult him.  Either sit within 4 Amot (6 feet) of your seat or sit elsewhere (Piskei Teshuvot 9:25).


Dividing the Sheva Berachot to Honor a Great Rabbi

Q: If a family has a Minhag not to divide up the Sheva Berachot, but rather have one person recite them all, and a great Rabbi attends the wedding, what should they do?

A: They should certainly divide them up!  It is the honor of Torah! (Ha-Admor Imrei Sofer of Eralu bemoaned that when his son was married he did not divide up the Sheva Berachot, as was the Hungarian custom, even though Ha-Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach attend the Chupa.  He said that for the honor of Torah, he should have acted otherwise and called him up for the Sheva Berachot.  In the book "Be-Mechitzat Zekeini", p. 259-260).


Asking Forgiveness

Q: I yelled at someone at work.  People do not customarily apologize here, and he won't understand what I want if I apologize.  What should I do?

A: It is extremely problematic that people do not ask for forgiveness.  You should do so.


Kabbalat Shabbat With Minyan

Q: Does Kabbalat Shabbat have to be recited with a Minyan, as there is no Kaddish or Barechu?  Or can I Daven by myself with greater passion?

A: You should Daven with a Minyan on account of honoring Shabbat (Piskei Teshuvot 267:3).


Learning Torah While Donating Blood

Q: Is it permissible to listen to a Torah class while donating blood?

A: Certainly.


Shidduch who Does Not Want Continue

Q: I went on a Shidduch and wanted to meet the young woman again, but she is not interested.  It is very hurtful and now I feel a lack of self-confidence.

A: Ha-Rav Pinchas Hirschprung, Av Beit Din of Montreal, said in a similar situation: The Torah is no less valuable even though the non-Jews did not want to receive it… (In the book "Be-Didi Hevei Uvda", p. 405).


Drinking to Get Rid of Hiccups

Q: Do I recite a blessing if I drink water to get rid of the hiccups?

A: Yes, since you are benefiting from the water.


Non-Chalav Yisrael Milk

Q: We have a little Kiosk in our Yeshiva.  Is it permissible to sell food which contains non-Chalav Yisrael?

A: You have to ask your Rosh Yeshiva.  As Ha-Rav Moshe Feinstein would say: "The Rabbi from Minsk should not interfere in a question for the Rabbi from Pinsk" (Meged Givot Olam Volume 1, p. 55.  Volume 2, pp. 31-32). 


Blessing over Rain Drops

Q: If I catch rain drops in my mouth, do I recite the blessing of "She-Ha-Kol"?

A: Yes, if you swallow them.


Denigrating Tzahal Soldiers

Q: I am a soldier.  I Davened in a Shul in Meah Shearim while wearing my uniform and some people denigrated me.  This is Torah?!  What can we do?!

A: They are confused.  Patience.  They will heal.