Short & Sweet - Text Message Q&A #385

Resuscitation by Cohain
Q: If a person collapses next to a Cohain, is it permissible for him to perform resuscitation, or is there a fear that if the person dies the Cohain will become impure?
A: It is certainly permissible!  Pikuach Nefesh – saving a life! (See Yoma 23a, that when a Cohain was stabbed in the Beit Ha-Mikdash, they asked about the impurity of the knife instead of tending to the victim).

Drunk Person Paying Check
Q: I was eating in a restaurant and a drunk person came over and said that he wanted to pay my check.  Is it permissible to accept the money?
A: No.  He was not level-headed at that moment.

Drunkenness at Wedding
 Q: There are people today who get drunk at weddings.  What does the Torah say about this?
A: It is forbidden.  In general, it is forbidden to get drunk.

Medicine of Non-Jews
Q: The Chatam Sofer wrote in his Teshuvot (Yoreah Deah #175) that the medicine of non-Jews does not apply to the body of a Jew.  What is Ha-Rav's opinion on this?
A: This is an extremely novel ruling.  After all, the Rambam bases his medical writings on the medical knowledge of the non-Jews.  He does not distinguish between the body of a Jew and the body of a non-Jew.  There is certainly a difference between the body of a Jew and a non-Jew regarding eating forbidden foods, but not in the area of medicine.

High-Ranking Officer in Tzahal
Q: Should I aspire to be a high-ranking officer in Tzahal?  After all, a person should have a normal life of a Jew – being with his wife, educating his children, learning Torah, celebrating Shabbat and Yom Tov - and a high-ranking officer is in the army all the time.
A: It is a great Mitzvah.  It is self-sacrifice.

Sticker to Prevent Snoring
Q: Is it permissible on Shabbat to put a sticker on one's nose, similar to a band-aid, to prevent snoring at night?
A: Yes, it is temporary.

Carrying Torah
Q: I saw someone carry the Sefer Torah from the Aron Ha-Kodesh and he did not turn the Torah around.  Should we say something to him?
A: This is the custom of Belzer Chasidim who are particular not to turn the Torah around, since doing so is disrespectful to the Torah (Ma'asei Choshev pp. 300-301 and notes).  And there are those who say that the Chazon Ish also acted in this way.  Everyone should act in this case according to the custom of the community, but if one acts differently, it should not be pointed out.  And in general, if something is to be pointed out, the Rabbi of the community is the one who should do so.

Need for Tzahal
Q: Is it true that if Am Yisrael observes Torah and Mitzvot, there will be no need for Tzahal?
A: Not true.  But we will be more victorious.  See beginning of Parashat Be-Chukotai.

Taanit Dibur for An Hour
Q: Is there value in having a Taanit Dibur (refraining from speaking) for an hour each day?
A: It is a personal decision.  But it is preferable to recite Tehilim, repent and give Tzedakah.