Short & Sweet - Text Message Q&A #384

Cup with Halachah
Q: Does a disposable cup which says "Please recite She-Ha-Kol Neyihe Bidvaro with proper intention" require being placed in the Geniza?
A: Yes, even though it is disposable,

Premature Baby
Q: If a baby is born prematurely, did he learn less Torah with the angel in his mother's womb?
A: No.  The Torah is absorbed within the special nature of a Jew's soul.

Festive Meal for Hatafat Dam Brit
Q: If a baby if born circumcised and there is a Hatafat Dam Brit, is there still a festive meal?  Tachanun?
A: There is an obligation to have a festive meal.  Kaf Ha-Chaim (131:71).  Tachanun is not recited.

Mesader Kiddushin
Q: Is there a spiritual significance to the Mesader Kiddushim at a wedding?
A: No (Ha-Rav Chaim Kaniensky said that he is particular to serve as a Sandek at a Brit Milah since it is a Mitzvah, which is not the case with a Mesader Kiddushin).

Bothersome Person
Q: How is it possible to love a bothersome person?
A: 1. See the good in him.  2. Regarding this bad character traits: do not judge a person until you walk in his shoes.

Angel who Teaches Torah to Non-Jews
Q: Does the angel who teaches Torah also teach it to non-Jews?
A: He only teaches to Jews.  "The Torah that Moshe commanded us is the heritage of the congregation of Yaakov" (Devarim 33:4).  But he teaches non-Jews the Seven Mitzvot of the Sons of Noach which are incumbent upon non-Jews.

Youth During Terror Attacks
Q: What is the role of the youth during periods of terror attacks?
A: To add strength and courage to the Nation.

Beginning of Redemption and Expulsions
Q: How is it possible to say that it is Atchalta De-Geulah - the beginning of the Redemption - when Jews are being expelled from their houses?
A: 1. It is not the Beginning of the Redemption, but rather the Redemption itself, but not the full Redemption.  2. It is not written in any place that during the Beginning of the Redemption or during the Redemption, Jews will not be expelled from their houses.  It is only written regarding the full Redemption.  3. Our Sages define the Beginning of the Redemption as war (Megillah 17b), i.e. wars to protect the Nation of Israel – Baruch Hashem.

Foxes on the Temple Mount
Q: It has been reported that foxes were seen on the Temple Mount.  What does it mean?  Is it connected to the prophecy "Foxes will go in it [the Holy of Holies]" (Eicha 5:18)?
A: It does not mean anything.

Immodest Pictures from the Holocaust
Q: We visited Yad Vashem and an ethical question arose.  Is it permissible to display pictures of people without clothing during the Holocaust to show the evil and cruelty of the Nazis?
A: It is certainly forbidden.  It is immodest and debasing.  If it was your mother, would be agree to have such a picture of her on display?!

Abusive Mother
Q: I see a neighbor abusing her child all the time, and punishing her in cruel ways.  What should I do?
A: Report her to the authorities.