Ha-Rav Shlomo Aviner Joins Twitter

[Article from the Jewish Press - By Tzvi Fishman]

One of Israel’s leading halachic authorities, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, head of the Ateret Yerushalayim Yeshiva in the Old City, opened a Twitter account, the Internet hotspot for brief communications which has become a favorite amongst politicians. In terse Twitter fashion, he told the Jewish Press why: “In order to help the Jewish People as much as I can with my limited capabilities.” We asked if there wasn’t a danger that his joining Twitter may bring others to join as well, people who might fall to the widespread immodesty found there. “Tzadddikim will walk its paths in safety, and evildoers will fall,” he answered. The account will be operated by a student. Several years ago, in order to answer questions, the Chief Rabbi of Tzfat, Ha-Rav Shmuel Eliahu, opened a Twitter account, also operated by a student.
In the first question he answered on Twitter, Rabbi Aviner explained his opposition to President Trump’s “Deal of the Century.” He wrote:
“In the Madrid Conference, Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir stated that he didn’t surrender any bit of the Land of Israel. Why? ‘Kacha, he replied. (‘That’s the way it is!) Regarding this, King David said in Tehillim, ’Ashrei haAm sh’kacha lo.’ This can be compared to a man who asks his friend, ‘Why don’t you want to give me your wife for one day a week?’
Does a husband need to explain? She’s his wife! So too, the Land of Israel is ours!”

The Twitter Account is in Hebrew.  Here is the address: