The Chinese are Human Too

The Chinese are human too.  We are talking about believers of Falun Gong who have been subjected to horrible persecution for nearly 20 years.
The State of Israel is still a small country, and we can’t fix the rest of the world, but we must protest and shout against injustice, suffering and evil.  One can say: "How is that useful?"  It is very useful!  The truth is that every time there is a protest in our country of any sort against these persecutions, the Chinese embassy responds aggressively demanding that we immediately cease our actions.  It’s a sign that this is helpful.  In general, one must know that if there is injustice in the world, and the intellectuals protest against it – then there is hope.  However, if the intellectuals put their heads down and remain silent – then everything is lost.
To those who don’t know, Falun Gong is a group, a movement, an ideology or a spiritual practice of body and mind that improves health through exercises. We are, of course, not Falun Gong, we are the Nation of Israel with our Jewish heritage, that is however not a reason to torture them.  The Chinese government demonizes them for their supposed irrationality, superstitious beliefs, being in conflict with Marxist ideology, bringing so called harm to the government, creating youth crisis and the government makes a variety of other misleading claims against them.   It is not our duty to check if these claims are true or not, or who is right or wrong.  Perhaps both sides are incorrect, but that is not our issue.  We are against torture.
The many tortures that Falun Gong practitioners undergo in detention at this moment are reminiscent of Mao’s style of repression and maybe even worse. Below is the list of tortures that are taking place in Chinese prisons right now:
- Beatings
- Electrical shocking of the sensitive parts of the body
- Being tied up in uncomfortable positions for weeks
- Inmates’ legs are burned with coals
- Being subjected to freezing temperature
- Being force-fed through a nose or a mouth
- Insertion of bamboo sticks under the fingertips
- Insufficient and poor nutrition
- Sleep deprivation
- Denial of bathroom use and other basic hygiene
- Rape and gang rape
- Choking
In addition, other forms of persecution are taking place: expulsion from academic institutions, expulsion from workplace, burning of spiritual books, forced labor camps, forced re-education camps, all of which results many times in death.
The horrible atrocities extend to organs being harvested from live Falun Gong practitioners and then sold for tens of thousands of dollars. 
Of course, China denies all the claims, but various committees from different countries, objective bodies, human rights councils and other organizations came to a conclusion that all of it is true and still occurring.  Due to this, the American Congress as well as European countries decided to act against this. The new “organs transplant law” was passed in our country to stop public funding for organ transplants in China.

There is time to be quiet and time to shout.  
In this case, it’s time to shout.

There was a recent protest in front of the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv and other events are expected in the future.