Short & Sweet - Text Message Q&A #359

Prohibition of Hitting Soldiers (1)
Q: In a text message, Ha-Rav wrote that it is a severe transgression to hit a soldier.  What is the prohibition?
A: It is good that you ask questions, but have patience.  When you get to Kindergarten, you will learn about it.

Prohibition of Hitting Soldiers (2)
Q: Where is it written in the Torah that it is forbidden to hit a soldier?
A: In order to atone for this horrible question, find five sources by yourself.

Da'at Mikra
Q: What is Ha-Rav's opinion of the commentary Da'at Mikra on the Tanach, published by Mossad Ha-Rav Kook?
A: On the whole it is good, but it is not deep.

Air-Conditioner in Class
Q: What should we do if there is a disagreement in class whether or not to turn on the air-conditioner?
A: Decide together.
Q: And what if we unsuccessful?
A: Thank Hashem that such situations arise so we can learn how to decide together, which as an extremely important life skill.

Students of Rabbenu Ascending on the Temple Mount
Q: How is it possible that Rabbis who are students of Rabbenu Ha-Rav Tzvi Yehuda ascend to the Temple Mount, despite the fact that it that he was completely opposed it?
A: It is not our role to judge Rabbis.

"Baruch Mechaye Ha-Meitim" For Someone whose Pulse Stopped
Q: If someone's pulse stopped for a few minutes because he had a heart attack, should we recite the blessing of "Baruch Mechaye Ha-Meitim" - Blessed is the One who Resurrects the Dead"?
A: In general, we only recite this blessing when one has not seen and heard from his friends over the course of twelve months (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 225:1), but I heard that one Gadol did recite this blessing over another Gadol whose pulse stopped (It once happened that Ha-Rav Baruch Dov Povrasky, Rosh Yeshiva of Ponovez in Bnei Brak, came to visit Ha-Rav Yaakov Edelstein, Rav of Ramat Ha-Sharon, after his pulse stopped working for 6 minutes.  Rav Povarsky recited the blessing of "Baruch Mechaye Ha-Meitim" in its entirety with Hashem's Name and Kingship, and Rav Edelstein answered Amen.  When Ha-Rav Nisan Karelitz later came to visit and heard about this, he said that one only recites this blessing when one has not seen and heard from his friend over the course of twelve months.  When Ha-Rav Chaim Kaniesky was asked about it, he was in doubt and said that the issue needs to be studied.  And in Shut Mishnat Yosef [10:52], he said that it seems that this issue seems to revolve around the doubt of the Chidah whether one who died and came back to life must remarry his wife.  See Beit Matityahu 2:14 #7.  Shut Ha-Shoel 2:91).     

Learning Torah for Bagrut (High School matriculation exams)
Q: Is it permissible to learn Gemara for the Bagrut?  It is not learning Torah for it's own sake.
A: 1. Learning Torah not for its own sake is also very important.  And so too learning Torah for an academic degree.  See Shut Yechaveh Da'at 3:74.  2. It is possible that learning Torah for the Bagrut can be for its own sake.

Resurrection of the Dead
Q: When the Mashiach arrives will there be no more death?
A: Resurrection of the dead occurs long after the coming of the Mashiach.  See Rambam, Hilchot Melachim Chapter 11-12.

Learning Gemara according to Maran Ha-Rav Kook
Q: What was Maran Ha-Rav's Kook method for learning Gemara?
A: Regular, as has been done throughout all the generations.

Military Medals and Pins
Q: Is there a problem of arrogance in wearing military medals and pins on one's Tzahal uniform?
A: It is national pride, which is positive.

Retirement for a Woman
Q: I am retiring.  What can I do in life to fill my days?
A: Acts of kindness - first for your family and then for all of Am Yisrael.

Shechina in Our Home
Q: What can my wife and I do in order to bring more of the Shechina into our home?
A: Davening, Torah learning and Cheshbon Ha-Nefesh (making an accounting of one's spiritual level).