Kosher Cheeseburger?!

Question: I heard that the OU gave Kosher certification to a "Cheeseburger", which contains no dairy and no meat, but rather is made from water, wheat protein, potato protein and coconut oil.  Isn't there a problem of "Ma'arit Ayin" (the appearance of violating the prohibition) of eating meat and dairy together?

Answer: It is permissible for two reasons:
1.    It is true that our Sages decreed that one may not eat almond milk with meat unless one leaves the almonds out for everyone to see (Rama, Yoreh Deah 87:3).  Today, in many health circles, almond milk is common. It's in most supermarkets these days (but one wouldn't notice if not looking for it).  Also, there are people who routinely use almond (or rice or soya) milk as a Parve milk substitute or because they are allergic or sensitive to milk. 
Similarly, today everyone has seen and knows about veggie burgers. There is therefore no problem of "Ma'arit Ayin" of eating a veggie burger with cheese.
2. We do not make new decrees. That which our Sages decreed is decreed, and that which our Sages did not decree is not decreed. They did not make a decree against eating Parve burgers with Parve cheese. Perhaps you will say that they did not make a decree because such a thing did not did not exist at their time, but it is included in the original decrees of "Ma'arit Ayin." The halachic authorities explain that we do not make such an argument and it is not included.
I remember when I was a little kid and they invented Parve margarine. People ate the margarine with meat and other people did not know what it was. Many people were strict and put the wrapper on the table. There is also non-dairy creamer which looks like milk. There is a responsum of Ha-Rav Ovadiah Yosef in Shut Yechaveh Da'at (3:59) which permits these items because they are well publicized and everyone knows about them.
Perhaps because this Parve "cheeseburger" new, one such make a clear sign that it is completely Parve.