US President Who Did One Good Thing

Question: Isn't it true that although the President of the United States did one good thing when he recognized Yerushalayim as our capital, he has also done a great number of problematic things?
Answer: Our great Rabbi, the Rambam, writes: "Each and every person has merits and sins. A person whose merits exceed his sins is [deemed] righteous…This reckoning is not calculated on the basis of the number of merits and sins, but [takes into account] their magnitude.  There are some merits which outweigh many sins, as implied by: 'Because in him, there was found a good deed'" (Melachim 1 14:13.  Rambam, Hilchot Teshuvah 1:1-2).
And to whom does this verse refer? To King Avi'ah, son of Yeravam, about whom it is stated: "And all of Israel will eulogize him and bury him, for he alone of Yeravam will come to a grave, because in him, there was found a good deed toward Hashem, the G-d of Israel, in the House of Yeravam" (Melachim 1 14:13).
And what good deed did he do?  Some explain that he removed the guards placed by his father to prevent the Nation of Israel ascending to Yerushalayim on the holidays, and he himself ascend to Yerushalayim.  Others explain that he got rid of the orchards planted by his father to block the roads and thus prevent the Nation of Israel from ascending to Yerushalayim (Mo'ed Katan 28b.  Rashi ibid.  Rashi on Melachim ibid.).  The Zohar even says that the Messiah, son of Yosef, will come from Avi'ah's line (Zohar Chadash 56a).

Yeravam blocked the paths to Yerushalayim and Avi'ah opened them up!  President Trump too has opened up the path to Yerushalayim, and is also the first acting President who ascended to Yerushalayim to visit the Kotel. Perhaps he has a spark of King Avi'ah within him...?