Short & Sweet - Text Message Q&A #329

Which is Greater - The Redemption from Egypt or Our Redemption?
Q: Which is greater: The Redemption from Egypt or our current Redemption, with our return to Eretz Yisrael, the establishment of the State of Israel, our military victories, etc.?
A: Our Redemption, for five reasons:
1. The Redemption from Egypt was after 210 years, while our Redemption was after 2000 years.
2. The Redemption from Egypt was from one country, while our Redemption was from the four corners of the world.
3. The Redemption from Egypt was with the aid of Moshe Rabbenu, while our Redemption was without the aid of Moshe Rabbenu.
4. The Redemption from Egypt was with revealed miracles, while our Redemption was with hidden miracles.
5. The Redemption from Egypt was followed by destruction of the Beit Ha-Mikdash (and another Exile), while our Redemption will not be followed by destruction.

Muscle Man
Q: My friend is always lifting weights so he'll have big muscles.  He says he wants to show off.  How should I relate to this?
A: This is dangerous arrogance.  Have pity on him.

Ariel Sharon
Q: How do we relate to Ariel Sharon?
A: It is complex.  He had both good and bad traits.
Q: Which were the majority?
A: Certainly the good.  He saved us during the Yom Kippur War.
Q: And relating to Yesha, what were the majority?
Q: Also the good.  He helped settled 400,000 Jews in Yesha and destroyed the homes of 10,000 there in Gush Katif.  By the way, how others related to him was not always proper, since they saw him only as a medium for achieving their goals.  They used him when it was beneficial.  Someone once said to him jokingly: You are the Messiah's donkey.  He replied: Beware, a donkey sometimes kicks…

Honoring Torah Scholars
Q: It is permissible to say out of respect for a Rav that he is cute and sweet?
A: Certainly not.  One must use respectful words.

To be Charedi
Q: Why does Ha-Rav cite Charedi sources in his Teshuvot?  Should we be Charedim?!
A: There is one Torah.  Furthermore, what is someone who is Charedi?  One who is particular to observe "light" Mitzvot in the same manner of as "severe" ones out of the fear of Heaven, and who learns Torah during all of his free time.  If so, everyone should be Charedi.  And one should also be particular regarding the severe Mitzvah of the revival of Am Yisrael in its Land.  One should therefore be more Charedi than the Charedim.

Name of Mother in Ketubah
Q: The groom is insisting that his mother's name is also written in the Ketubah.  I tried to convince him otherwise but to no avail.  Should I refuse to perform the wedding?
A: He errs, since we do not make such changes, but do not fight with him over it.

Date of Wedding
Q: Is there a problem with getting married on the same date that my parents got divorced?

A: There is no problem.  On the contrary, it is a spiritual repair.