Short & Sweet - Text Message Q&A #324

Tzadik the Son of a Wicked Person
Q: Rashi says that Yitzchak's prayer was accepted over Rivka's because he was a Tzadik the son of a Tzadik while she was a Tzadik the daughter of a wicked person.  But isn't someone who does Teshuvah and comes close to Hashem at a higher level?
A: The Mussar Rabbis explain that the way of a child is to rebel against his parents and to be different from them.  Therefore, being a Tzadik the son of a Tzadik requires great sacrifice.

Too Much Salary
Q: I accidentally received too much salary for a long period of time and didn't realize.  My employer is now asking me to return the money, but I already spent it.  What is the Halachah in this case?
A: You have to return it, but can do so in increments, according to your ability.

Shidduch for an Elite Combat Soldier in Tzahal
Q: I am a soldier in an elite combat unit, which goes on dangerous missions, and we were required to sign a confidentiality agreement.  If I go on a Shidduch, it is permissible for me to tell the young woman what I do?
A: It is forbidden.  You should tell her that you are in a combat unit that sees a lot of action.  One must relate one's severe defects on Shidduchim.  Yevamot 45a.  Kehilot Yaakov of the Steipler ibid. #44.  This is not considered a sever defect, but rather a minor "defect", as well as a great merit (This is also the ruling of Ha-Rav Major Shraga Natan Dahan, head of the Halachah Department of Tzahal, given in a class on the subject).

Torah Secrets
Q: Ha-Rav once said that all of the Kabbalist secrets are hinted at in the Gemara.  What is the source for this idea?
A: Rashba in his commentary to Agadot Chazal, Berachot 6a.  Shelah, Ma'amar Torah She-Be-Al Pe, Kavod Elohim, Hester Davar.  And in other places.

How Do We Kow the Calculations of Hashem
Q: I have experienced many disasters and don't understand why.  What transgressions did I do?
A: We do not know the calculations of Hashem.  Do not search for transgressions to explain your misfortunes.  We also do not know the calculations of Hashem for all of the goodness He performs for us, even if we did not merit them (So too, whenever a tragedy occurred, Ha-Rav Moshe Feinstein would always say that it was a decree from Hashem and never ascribe it to a particular transgression, since we cannot fathom the ways of Hashem.  In the book "Meged Givot Olam" with additions Volume 2, pp. 87-88).

Organ Donation by a Cohain
Q: Regarding a Cohain who signs an Organ Donor card: doesn't this create a problem for his close relatives who are Cohanim, as they will become impure by coming to the funeral and cemetery, since he is missing an organ?
A: It is permissible since it is an inner organ and not recognizable.  Shut Igrot Moshe (Yoreh Deah 1:251. 2:165).  Shut Tzitz Eliezer (9:48).  Yalkut Yosef (7:30 #3).

Segulah Against Danger
Q: I have to go to a place where there are many Arabs and I am scared.  Is there a Segulah against danger?

A: There is a Segulah of the Admor of Radzin, the Ba'al Techelet: To carry a pistol, or to be escorted by guards (When the Admor of Radzin was searching for the Techelet for Tzitzit, he visited many different areas in Italy, including the basements of non-Jews, in order to try to find a remnant of the Bigdei Kehuna.  People asked him: You aren't scared to go into such places?  He said: I have a Segulah from my grandfather.  He did not however want to say what it was.  His Shamash later revealed it: He carried a small pistol in his pocket…).