Short & Sweet- Text Message Q&A #311

Tefillin Not Sitting on One's Forehead
Q: If I see that an adult's Tefillin is not sitting in the correct place on his head, but rather on his forehead, should I point it out?  Perhaps he will be embarrassed?
A: You can either ask an older person to point it out to him, or point it out yourself by asking him a question such as: "I should put on my Tefillin this way or the way that I see you have them?"  Or you can put them on the way he is wearing them and have a friend point out to you in front of him that they are sitting in the wrong spot.

First Shot
Q: I am in Tzahal.  I just shot my gun for the first time and am extremely happy.  Can I recite the blessing of Shehechiyanu?
A: Yes.  A good tiding.  Performing a Mitzvah for the first time (Shut Orach Mishpat #268-269).

Drafting Yeshiva Students
Q: Serving in the army is a Mitzvah, but because it is a Mitzvah that can be performed by others doesn't learning Torah supersede it (Moed Katan 9)?
A: Tzahal is currently in need of an additional 8000 soldiers to fill all of its positions.  For example, it is lacking 1000 Kashrut supervisors.  This is a very important and holy job, and is perfect for students from Charedi Yeshivot.

Text Message or Oral Question
Q: Is it better to ask a Rabbi a question orally than in a text message?
A: Certainly.  But sometimes the question is urgent, or a person does not have a Rabbi, or the questioner is embarrassed and wants to remain anonymous.

Note to Refrain from Speaking Lashon Ha-Ra  
Q: Is it a good idea for me to prepare littles notes which remind me not to speak Lashon Ha-Ra?
A: Yes.  It is a good idea which helps some people.  See Zachor Le-Miriam 21:1.

Bar Mitzvah Meal
Q:  Can a Bar Mitzvah meal be dairy?
A: Yes.  Other meals for a Mitzvah may also be.  The essence is that the meal is respectable (see Piskei Teshuvot #194 in the notes.  Shut Teshuvot Ve-Hanhagot 2:485, 3:294).  

Q: Will I get the evil eye if I write a will?
A: Certainly not.  Some authorities even hold that it is a Segulah for a long life.

Travel Expenses
Q: I receive reimbursement for travel for my job, but sometimes I get a ride.  Can I still receive the payment?

A: Ask your work directly, since it depends on the conditions of the job.