Rav Aviner's Eulogy at the Funeral of Ha-Rav Nechemia Lavi ztz"l

Ha-Rav Nechemia Lavi, May the Memory of the Holy be Blessed
On Motzaei Shabbat Chol Ha-Moed Sukkot, the children of Ha-Rav Nechemia Lavi heard the screams of Jews and ran to their window on Ha-Gai Street in the Old City of Yerushalayim.  They saw an Arab attacking Jews.  They yelled to their father, Rav Nechemia, and he immediately ran down, armed with a pistol, in order to save them.  His wife also ran down.  Rav Nechemia was stabbed by the terrorist, who then grabbed his weapon and began shooting.  He shot toward the police who arrived on the scene, but was shot and killed by them.
Rav Nechemia was murdered, sanctifying Hashem's Name, a soldier without a uniform.  

Rav Aviner's Eulogy at the Funeral of
Ha-Rav Nechemia Lavi ztz"l

 With the permission of the Chief Rabbi and other Rabbis, with the permission of the President of the State of Israel and other dignitaries of the Nation, with the permission of the beloved family and with the permission of the holy gathering.
Our Sages gave a parable of a father and son who were walking on an exhausting journey.  The son, who had no more energy, asked his father: When will we arrive to the country?  His father said to him: This will be the sign for you: when you see a cemetery, the country is close by.
In this world, we do not receive anything for free.  There is no clod of earth in Eretz Yisrael that is not saturated with blood.
Ha-Rav Nechemia is the fourth one from our Yeshiva who has fallen for the settlement of the heart of Yerushalayim.
Baruch Hashem, our country is here.  This State is the revival of the Nation in its Land according to its Torah.
Rav Nechemia was in love with Torah.  Day and night, he learned, taught, delved into and fulfilled the Torah.  It is possible to put a Sefer Torah next to him and say, as is written in the Gemara Baba Kama (17a): This one fulfilled what is written in this one.  In his actions, and in his exceptional character traits.
He was in love with Eretz Yisrael.  He was overjoyed to live in the heart of Yerushalayim, in a difficult area.
He was in love with Am Yisrael.
Our Rabbis teach (Yevamot 50a) that each person has a set amount of time to live.  The Master of the Universe decides how long this will be, and the person will live not one more day, not one more hour, not one more minute.  One who is a transgressor may be killed by a lack of caution.  One who is mediocre dies from an illness.  And one whom Hashem desires to honor dies sanctifying Hashem's Name, while protecting the Nation and the Land.
Rav Nechemia was in love with the army.  He fell as a soldier without a uniform.  We are all soldiers with uniforms.  He was certainly a soldier without a uniform.
You were exceedingly pleasing to me, my dear friend, Ha-Rav Nechemia.
We promise you, we will continue to learn Torah in the heart of Yerushalayim. Nothing will frighten us.  Nothing.  We are stronger than them, we are inestimably stronger.  We will continue to build our Land and be built within it, with the wonders of Hashem on His Nation and His Land.

And the Master of the Universe who brought this upon, He will also give strength to Ha-Rabbanit Neta, who is with him in this holy endeavor, and to the children, who are also part of this holy labor.  Hashem give them strength to be comforted, to strengthen themselves and to continue onward until the complete Redemption.