Short & Sweet - Text Message Q&A #290

Wonderful Dream
Q: I dreamed that I received an amazing house from Hashem.  What does this mean?
A: You will certainly receive an amazing house, but we do not know when: now, in ten years or through your offspring.

Talmud of Rav Steinsaltz
Q: Is it permissible to use the Talmud of Rav Steinsaltz?  I heard that great Rabbis said that in includes problematic parts.
A: 99.9% is not problematic.  Skip those parts.

Q: Is there any educational worth for children to play chess?
A: It is a smart and good game.  The essence is not to overdo it.

Q: If I did not say "Vayechulu" with the community on Shabbat night because I was still Davening Shemomeh Esrei, do I need to recite it with someone else or can I recite it alone?
A: There is no obligation to say it with another person, since it is not actual testimony (which requires two witnesses). But some are careful to recite it with another person (The Mishnah Berurah [268:19] wrote that this section is testimony regarding the Creation of the World, and testimony requires two people. But the Chazon Ish (38:10] wrote that one should not be particular to recite it with another person since there is a fear of bringing witnesses to testify regarding whether the Creation really took place. There is however a tradition that the Chazon Ish changed this mind regarding this practice – Ma'aseh Ish vol. 4, p. 121 and vol. 7 p. 145).

Tzitzit without a Kippah
Q: It is difficult for me to wear a Kippah, but I have taken it upon myself to wear Tzitzit.  Is it permissible to wear Tzitzit without a Kippah?
A: You also need to wear a Kippah!  Yirat Shamayim – Awe of Hashem! (Rama, Orach Chaim 2:6.  Mishnah Berurah #11).

Q: Is there such a thing as a Dybbuk (a possessive spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a deceased person)?
A: Yes, but the majority of times what is referred to as a Dybbuk is in fact a mental disorder. When the Satmar Rebbe visited Israel they brought him a person with a "Dybbuk" so he could remove it. He said: Send him to a good psychologist.

Learning Kabbalah
Q: Why don't they learn Kabbalah in Yeshivot?
A: Kabbalah is only proper for unique individuals who have filled their stomach with the entire Torah (And when Ha-Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv was asked about learning Kabbalah, he pointed to his stomach, smiled and said: There is still room in my stomach…, i.e. "his stomach" was still not full of Gemara and Poskim, as stipulated by the Rama, Yoreh Deah 246:4).

German Products
Q: Is it proper NOT to buy German products?
A: Yes, but it is not obligatory (Shut She'eilat Shlomo 2:442).

Sick Days
Q: My wife doesn't feel well.  Can I take sick days from work in order to take care of our kids?

A: Ask directly at your work.