Short & Sweet - Text Message Q&A #283

Dog who Barks at Night

Q: I have a dog who barks at night and bothers the neighbors.  Do I have a halachic obligation to bring him into the house so he won't bother them?

A: Certainly.  By the way, if one takes care of his dog properly he will not bark all the time.


Names and Shiduchim

Q: Regarding Shiduchim, does one need to check with a Rabbi to make sure the names are compatible?

A: There is no such thing (And when Ha-Rav Ovadiah Yosef was asked this same question, he responded: I don't believe in this.  People who encourage others to do so cause couples who can marry to separate).


Jonathan Pollard

Q: Is it permissible to give Maaser to help free Jonthan Pollard?

A: Yes.  Redeeming captives is the highest form of giving Tzedakah.  Baba Batra 8.


Passing Along a Text Message

Q: I received a text message on Whatsapp with a warning that if I do not pass it along to 20 people, my Mom will be stricken with cancer.  I am really sacred.

A: It is completely made up nonsense.  May Hashem have mercy on the fools who created it.


Cemetery before Wedding

Q: What is the source behind the custom of going to the cemetery before a wedding and inviting one's relatives who have passed away?

A: The Zohar (Parashat Balak and Pinchas), where it is said that ancestors in the World-to-Come participate in their descendants' joyous occasions.  And this is the custom of many people (Nita'ei Gavriel – Nissuim 4:7.  And the Gerrer Rebbe, the "Imrei Emet", told his son to visit the Kotel and Kever Rachel before his wedding).


Chabad Shul

Q: Is it permissible to Daven in a Chabad Shul which has a picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe next to the Ark facing the congregation?

A: It is in fact forbidden to hang a picture like this in a Shul, but it is permissible to Daven there on the side that is not in front of the picture.


Shaliach Tzibur and Kavanah

Q: If I am serving as a Shaliach Tzibur and have proper Kavanah, my Davening takes a long time and causes "Tircha De-Tzibura - a burden on the congregation".  What should I do?

A: You should not cause a "Tircha De-Tzibura", since a person should not have more Kavanah at the expense of other people, just as one may not Daven out loud in order to have more Kavanah since it will disturb others (And when Ha-Rav Herschel Schachter was in mourning for his father, he did not serve as Shaliach Tzibur, since he Davens at length and did not want to burden the congregation).


Rashi and Midrashim

Q: Rashi states that he intends to explain the simple meaning of the text.  Why then does he quote Midrashim?

A: He brings Midrashim that explain the simple meaning (Rashi on Bereshit 3:8).


Measurements of Ha-Rav Chaim Na'eh and the Chazon Ish

Q: How do we rule in the dispute between Ha-Rav Chaim Na'eh and the Chazon Ish regarding halachic measurements (for example, the size of a "Kezayit")?  Who is greater?

A: It makes no difference.  Ha-Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv was asked: how could Ha-Rav Na'eh argue with the Chazon Ish? He answered that the measurements of Ha-Rav Na'eh were practiced earlier and it was the Chazon Ish who argued against them.  The book Yashiv Moshe p. 130 (see Noda Ba-Shiurim p. 271).