Where was Rachel Imenu during Operation Protective Edge?

Question: Why did Rachel Imenu save our soldiers during Operation Cast Lead but did not during Operation Protective Edge?

Answer: A fool will believe anything.   There are two types of extremism: one is to deny miracles, and the other is to believe someone who tells you there was one.  We need to check.  It is possible that the person imagined seeing something or someone.  Sometimes even a sane person imagines things, especially one who is under pressure, tired or hungry.  He thinks he sees something that isn't there, and later fosters it in his memory.   This is called FMS - False Memory Syndrome.  It may have been a non-Jewish woman who was seen and mistaken for Rachel Imenu.  There are also good Arab women.  Or maybe someone dreamed up this idea to strengthen faith, and to say: "You see?   There are people who go to war and there are people who don't go to war but they pray, and Rachel Imenu came to save us on account of their merit."  But we need proof for such matters.  There were soldiers who fell in battle and Rachel was not there.  There were also soldiers who won battles due to their great dedication and wisdom and courageousness to fight, and Rachel was not there.  This means that Rachel was not there in the image of a woman guiding them and telling them go this way or that way, shoot here or shoot there.  But Rachel was certainly there - in both Operation Cast Lead and Operation Protective Shield - in the sense in which we explained: the inner power which sustains the Nation of Israel and returns us to our Land.