All for One!

Our hearts tremble over the fate of the three dear teenagers who were kidnapped.  The heart of the Nation is trembling.  You learn from here that we are one Nation.  In the Exile we were a scattered and dispersed Nation among the other nations - scattered not only geographically but also spiritually, from one another.  We have now returned to being one Nation.  "And who is like Your Nation Israel one Nation on Earth" (Shmuel 2 7:23).  We no longer say that each of us is on our own.  We all feel the distress of our kidnapped brothers.

We feel and we pray for them.  Some learn Torah to bring about their release, and others light candles, and some do uncomparably more.  These are the soldiers who enter deep into the cities and fields, and who risk their lives.  This is the greatest gift, since there is nothing more precious to a person than his life.

This is our motto: All for one and one for all!  Although this is not a Jewish saying (its source in Latin), we have adopted it for ourselves.  Truthfully, though, it has been our motto from the moment we crossed the Jordan River and swore that every Jew is responsible for one another.  During the Second Temple Period this unraveled, and we reached a point where each person was out for himself.  To our great distress, this was the only way for us to survive.  But towards the end of the Exile Jewish solidarity returned, "All Israel becoming comrades" (Birkat Ha-Chodesh).  Every Jew concerned about every other Jew, everyone working for the sake of one person.  This solidarity was preparation for returning to a state of Klal Yisrael.  We returned to being one Nation.  Three teenagers are kidnapped, and it is not "their" issue in which we help out, rather it is all of our issue, a national issue, a Klal Yisrael issue.

Some pray, some light candles, some learn Torah, some cry.  And above all of them, is one who takes his weapon and his life in his hand for a fellow Jew.  When one Jew is in danger, a million rise up to save him. 

"And who is like Your Nation Israel one Nation on Earth".