Truth or Superstition? #6

Segulah Wine

Q: What is "Segulah Wine" for a livelihood, finding a mate and health?

A: This has no source.  Obviously, if the money for the wine goes to Tzedakah, it is good (see Ner Ba-Ishon Laila p. 159).


Pets and Finding a Mate

Q: Is it true that having a pet impedes finding a mate?

A: Not true.


Kissing a Child

Q: I heard that it is forbidden to kiss a baby on the heal.  Is it true?  What is the source?  What is the reason?

A: Nonsense.


Segulah for Education

Q: Is there a Segulah to have righteous children?

A: A good education (And so too in Shut Doresh Tzion of Ha-Rav Ben Tzion Mutzafi: There are no Segulot and no ruses.  For education, one has to work and invest.  And Ha-Rav Chaim Kanievski related that someone once came to Ha-Griz Soloveitchik – the Brisker Rav – and asked for a blessing that his son should be a Torah scholar and G-d-fearing.  The Rav said that he will be a Torah scholar based on how much you learn with him, and he will be G-d-fearing based on how many tears his mother sheds during Davening for him.  Minchat Todah p. 89).


Wife's Faithfulness

Q: After marital tensions, I went to someone and he claimed that he received a message from heaven that my wife cheated on me.  What should I do?

A: Immediately break any connection with that person, go with your wife to a marriage counselor.