Truth or Superstition? #4

Kever Rachel

Q: What is the source that Davening at Kever Rachel is a Segulah for fertility?

A: There is no source.  Praying is obviously always beneficial, and this is certainly true at Kever Rachel (And Ha-Rav Ben Tzion Mutzafi similarly writes in Shut Doresh Tzion: I do not know of such a Segulah and its source).

Q: What is the source that a picture of Kever Rachel is a Segulah?

A: There is no source (And Ha-Rav Ben Tzion Mutzafi similarly writes there: There are those who say this is a Segulah, but I am unaware of it).


Ring that Fell during Wedding

Q: If the ring fell out of the groom's hand during the wedding, does this mean something?

A: No.  The groom was just excited and nervous (Ner Be-Ishon Laila, p. 151.  And it once happened that the groom dropped the ring and people whispered: It is a sign.  The Rabbi calmed them: It is a simply a sign that the right time was still a few seconds away…).


New Mother Going Out

Q: Is it forbidden for a new mother to go out at night during the first 40 nights after giving birth?

A: Nonsense.


Two Talitot

Q: Is wearing two or more Talitot a Segulah?

A: No. (And Ha-Rav Ben Tzion Mutzafi similarly writes in Shut Doresh Tzion: There is no such Segulah.  There are many stories about why Ha-Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg – Rosh Yeshivah of Torah Or – wears so many pairs of Tzitzit [in his younger years, 150 pairs, and as he has aged about half that number].  Some say that it is in order to fulfill all of the different opinions regarding Hilchot Tzitzit.  Others explain that he began when his daughter was ill in order to fulfill a Mitzvah in her merit.  But Ha-Rav Scheinberg himself says: "It is 15-20 Kilo of Mitzvot…"  "Mishpachah" Magazine of 12 Nisan 5768 #851.  This, however, is the unique practice of a great Rabbi).