Truth or Superstition? #3

Passing a Knife

Q: Is it true that one should not pass a knife from one person's hand to another's but rather should place it on the table and the other person pick it up?

A: Not true (see Ner Be-Ishon Layla p. 240).


Clothing on the Deceased

Q: Can I wear the dress of a woman who passed away?  I was told that it will bring me negative energy.

A: Nonsense (One should only refrain from wearing shoes that were being worn by a person when he passed away.  Gesher Ha-Chaim Vol. 1 8:2).


Complete Fast

Q: There is a concept of a complete fast called "Inedia", in which one eats no food and is sustained by the air, light and universal energy.  Some have followed this method for years and have been sustained?

A: Nonsense.  A person needs food and drink.  Those who claim that they do not eat are deceptive and eat in secret.  A critical medical trial with the head of the cult was stopped after a few days because it reached a dangerous stage.  Students pay a huge sum of money for these seminars.  Three naïve students died from starvation (Skepdic.com).


Segulah for Woman to Cover Her Hair

Q: My wife does not want to cover her hair.  Is there a Segulah so she will?

A: Speak to her heart (And similarly in Shut Doresh Tzion, Ha-Rav Ben Tzion Mutzafi said: There are no Segulot.  Work and you will be successful in explaining it to her).