Truth or Superstition? #2

Shabbat Birth

Q: Our son was born on Shabbat, obviously with Shabbat violations.  Is this a Segulah or a bad sign?

A: It is completely permissible (And so too Shut Doresh Tzion of Ha-Rav Ben Tzion Mutzafi: It is neither a transgression nor a Segulah).


Kiddush for the Birth of a Daughter

Q: If parents did not have a Kiddush to express gratitude for the birth of a daughter will it impede her ability to get married?  Is there a Segulah for her to do so later in life?

A: Nonsense (Ha-Rav Chaim Kanievski was once asked: I was in Los Angeles, and there was a Kiddush for a 25-year-old woman whose parents had not made a Kiddush for her when she was born.  They said in the name of Ha-Rav's father – the Steipler – it was for this reason she was having difficulty finding a match.  Ha-Rav Kanievski said: "Who made this up?  Wouldn't I have heard about this in my home?  He never said to make a Kiddush in our family!  Derech Sichah Vol. 1, p. 33.  And Ha-Rav Ben Tzion Mutzafi similarly writes in Shut Doresh Tzion: This is a complete lie, and our mothers did not have a Kiddush made for them and they are happily married).


Furniture of a Divorce Couple

Q: Is it permissible to buy furniture and utensils from a divorced couple, or will it cause the Evil Eye?

A: There is absolutely no problem.