Hey Bear, It's My Place!

Question: Is it worthwhile for the State of Israel to freeze building in the "Settlements" for the sake of much sought-after peace?


Answer: There is no need to be a renowned Middle-East expert to know that the Arabs lie and deceive.  The fact that for well over 60 years, much innocent Jewish blood has been shed, leaving orphans and widows, is enough for us understand this fact.  To our great distress, the Rambam already knew this when, in this very context, he mentioned the verse: "I am peace, but when I speak, they are for war" (Tehillim 120:7.  Rambam, Igeret Teiman).


A foreign reporter once asked me: Hasn't the time come for the State of Israel to lay down its arms for the sake of peace?  Like every Jew, I responded to the question with a question: In your opinion, what would happen if all of the Arabs countries and all of the terrorists laid down their arms tomorrow?  He answered: The State of Israel would do the same.  I then asked: And what happen if the opposite occurred and Israel laid down its arms?  He said: Within 15 minutes, the State of Israel would be wiped out.  I then turned to him: If so, who is the obstacle to peace? 


But above all, have we ever seen a country in the world give up its territory to another who threatens it with war, in order to attain peace?!  Don't forget – this Land belongs to us.  The Arabs have 25 countries, 500 times the size of our country, and do not need to take a bite out of our Land.


This was, is and always will be our Land.  It is our Land according to Hashem, according to the Torah, according to the Tanach, according to history, according to the League of Nations and according to the UN.


We are not frightened from the threat of thieves at midday.


A friend who went on vacation in Alaska told me that while there, he sat by the sea, fishing. During the flight in the small plane that brought them there, someone jokingly asked: "What happens if a bear approaches us?" The group leader didn't laugh. He answered: "Look it straight in the eye and say to it: 'Hey bear, it's my place!'" Later on when my friend was fishing, he heard a rustling behind him. He turned around and saw a terrifying sight – a bear was threatening him. He had the courage to look it in the eye without blinking and to say: "'Hey bear, it's my place!" The bear growled, turned around and left.

We must say the same thing, clearly and without fear, to the Americans, to the Arabs and to the entire world: "'Hey bear, it's my place!"