Noach: Human Action

[Tal Chermon]


Everything that was created by Hashem needs to "be done," i.e. to be completed.  By our actions of completion, we endow all former acts with their true significance.  We can construe our deeds as if they are the extension of the tenth utterance, "Let us make man" (Bereshit 1:26). We finish off the making of man by the further development and improvement of mankind. Additionally, by our actions of completion we endow all of the previous nine utterances with their true significance.  The Torah relates that initially there was unformed chaos which Hashem gradually arranged.  We might have assumed, incorrectly, that this process of arrangement was completed at the end of the seven days of Creation.  Our Sages, however, inform us that there were two thousand years of chaos, which Hashem had only begun to arrange. It was up to us to continue the process of creating order.  After these two thousand years of chaos came two thousand years of human elevation by the Divine instruction of the Torah.  These are followed by two thousand years during which the Messiah will come.  Armed with the Torah, we tackle the task of rectifying the chaos in the world and slowly but surely advancing the world from Olam Ha-Tohu (The World of Chaos) to Olam Ha-Tikun (The World of Rectification).