Rav Aviner on Smartphones & Kosher Phones


Prominent Dati Leumi Posek Rabbi Shlomo Aviner Shlit"a was asked 1. for a p’sak regarding Smartphones and 2.  if one is required to use a Kosher phone. The Rav’s words were aired on Yeshivat Machon Meir’s internet Shiurim broadcasts.


The Rav explained that SMS text messages and internet connectivity are helpful to many people. He feels there is no prohibition in using either of these services.


“It is certainly preferable to have a Kosher phone but this is a Chumra and not an obligation. One who feels that a non-kosher phone is a Michshol (stumbling-block) must prohibit himself from using such a device” the Rav stated.


Rabbi Aviner continued by explaining there are things that the Torah does not prohibit, but if a person realizes that such a thing will cause him to stumble, he must place restrictions upon himself to avoid falling due to this Michshol.


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