Rav Aviner in the News: Draft Charedim to Military or National Service


“The Charedim err regarding military service. Little-by-little, however, this error is ending”, states Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, a prominent Posek in the Dati Leumi community.

Rabbi Aviner was speaking to students about the Plesner Committee, with the latter being the government committee that is working to legislate the law that will replace the Tal Law, simply defining the new reality for citizens of Israel regarding military or national service, primarily directed at Charedim and Arabs.

“The army is our common denominator and we mustn’t lose this” added the Rav.

Rabbi Aviner told his Talmidim that the Charedim are good people, people who are Moser Nefesh in their Avodat Hashem, but regarding this particular matter they are not correct.

The Rav believes in bringing Charedim into the fold of sharing the burden via IDF or national service. He feels this can be accomplished while providing them an atmosphere in line with their Hashkafah as well as inducting them into a military service after their complete their studies, prior to joining the workforce.

“Tzahal is Am Yisrael and it is the single largest common denominator we have. We mustn’t lose this” the Rav concluded.