Shut SMS #150

Ha-Rav answers hundreds of text message questions a day! Here's a sample:

Wearing a Bike Helmet
Q: Is someone riding a bike obligated to wear a helmet?
A: According to what the law requires.
Q: The law requires it, but the police do not enforce it.
A: If non-enforcement expresses permission, then after the fact, it is not obligatory.

Selling a Car
Q: What is a Segulah for selling a car?
A: Repent, pray and give Tzedakah.

Chumash with Rashi
Q: I am extremely busy in the army, but there is time between activities. What should I learn?
A: It is a personal decision. A person only learns Torah in a place his heart desires. But it is proper to learn Chumash with Rashi on the Parashah. It is wonderful.

Graves of Yaakov's Sons
Q: Are the graves of Yaakov's sons – aside from Yosef's – located in Eretz Yisrael?
A: It is written in the Midrash that their bones were brought to Israel during the Exodus (Rashi on Shemot 13:19). There are Arab traditions relating to the location of their graves but we do not have such sources.

Segulah for an Easy Labor
Q: I am going to have a baby soon. Is there a Segulah for an easy labor?
A: Repent, pray and give Tzedakah.

In Love
Q: Is it healthy to be in love with someone?
A: It is certainly a great Mitzvah to be in love with one's wife or husband.

Q: How does one overcome fears?
A: 1. Focus one's thought on the fact that there is really nothing to fear. 2. Gradually expose oneself to the threatening cause and see that it is actually nothing. 3. If these do not help, turn to a psychologist. 4. One should also learn chapter 9 of Mesilat Yesharim regarding exaggerated fears.

Cohanim in War
Q: Does a Cohain go to war?
A: Yes. There is a discussion whether a Cohain may marry an "Eshet Yefat Toar" (a beautiful captive woman - see Devarim 21:10-14).
Q: And the Cohain Gadol?
A: He would also go. There is a Halachah that if he married a widow (which is forbidden) he does not share in the newlywed’s exemption from going to battle. Mishneh Sotah 8:3.

New Car
Q: Is it permissible to throw an egg on a new car which I bought, in order to protect it from the Evil Eye - or is there a problem of "Bal Tashchit" (wanton destruction)?
A: It is forbidden because of "Bal Tashchit". It is also forbidden on account of the prohibition of "Darkei Emori", i.e. superstition.