Hilchot Sheleg – Laws of Snow #5

Immersing in snow
Q: May one immerse oneself in the snow as in a mikveh?
A: Even if there are forty Seah of snow (about 200 gallons) in one seamless area there is still a dispute as to whether or not one may immerse in it. It is quite difficult, since the snow must touch all parts of the body.
Q: What about immersing one's hands for "netilat yadayim"?
A: Again there is a need for forty Seah. Since some authorities rule that one may not immerse one's hands, no blessing should be recited if one has no choice but to do so.
Q: Can one immerse a utensil?
A: This is also a dispute (see Pitchei Teshuvah, Yoreh De'ah 108).