A Time to Express Love

One needs to dedicate special time to loving their child. When? Perhaps before they go to sleep. This is a time to express love, talk and give them a rub. This is true with a baby and an older child as well. This is a calm and quiet time, and it should be dedicated to love. A child cannot go to sleep in an environment of anger towards him: “Go to sleep! It’s late! It’s 9:30! I have been telling you for 2½ hours to go to sleep!” He then runs around until he is yelled at and he goes to sleep scolded. This is very bad. If he goes to sleep scorned it affects his dreams and his sleep. It is permissible to scold sometimes or tell your child to go to sleep, but sit with him, hug him, kiss him, love him.
The same is true in the morning. A child should not go to school scolded: “You’re not ready yet? Let’s go already! You’re late.” This is no way to go to school. Even without this, a difficult day awaits him…