Preserving the Four Species throughout Sukkot

Question: How does one preserve the four species throughout all of Sukkot?
Answer: This is what one should do to preserve the four species so that they do not dry out:
1) Lulav (palm) - One should store it in a cool place such as on the floor. Do not place it in
water after it is open, rather wrap it in a slightly damp cloth. If the cloth is too wet, the lulav will become spoiled. Wrap it around the holder, or else it will become spoiled within the holder.
2) Hadasim (myrtle) - Place the lower end in water. Wrap in a slightly damp cloth (not too wet, as we mentioned), or in a damp newspaper, and place in the refrigerator or in any cool place.
3) Aravot (willow) - Wrap in up in a damp cloth. Placing the lower end in water will not help.
4) Etrog - Wrap it and keep it in a shady or cool place.