Love Heals

An orphanage once conducted an experiment: The female teacher gave five kisses to each girl every day. They saw that the rate of the girls getting sick deceased by 20%. Then they gave an additional 10 kisses a day and the rate dropped by 40%. 20 kisses a day and… until they almost stopped getting sick more than the average rate. Wonder of wonders! These were poor orphans – but when they were hugged with all of one's heart, they could overcome, be healthy and live!
Similar research was done in elderly homes. When an elderly person is lonely, he deteriorates quickly. But an elderly person who has frequent family visits and feels loved – lives much longer. It is simple. Some elderly people have a dog or cat and this also strengthens their health and gives them longevity. It is not because the cat feds them, but because there is love. This is what sustains the elderly.
The same is true for someone who is alone – a widow or widower – a pet can be life-saving.
And all of this applies all the more so for a baby, a young child – in fact every person: love is life-saving.