"Even when I yell at you, I love you"

There was a mother who constantly berated and criticized her son. The father, who feared complicating his relationship with his wife, was careful not to interfere. A father like this is a sinner. How can he not protect his son?! If need be, he is obligated to argue with his wife over this issue. It is forbidden to abandon a child who lacks protection.
There was a father who was bothered by his two-year old son. His child cried all the time and the father could not take it. He brought him outside in the dark and yelled at him: Shut up! Finish crying outside! The mother bought the child back into the house. His wife said to him: "Have you gone crazy?! To put a child outside in the dark just because he is crying?!" A child like this feels the disappointment. He is sure that his parents want to be rid of him.
The love we have for our child must be unconditional. It is possible that we sometimes yell at him, but afterwards we must tell him: Know that even when I yell at you, I love you. I love you now. I will always love you.