Overall Good Atmosphere

If parents are educating their child well and are dedicated, and there are different, unsolvable problems, this is not horrible. The child will solve them with his own strengths. This is part of his spiritual health.
To what is this similar? It is impossible to keep a child in a completely germ-free, sterile environment. This would in fact be dangerous, since his body would have no experience fighting against the germs. The first germ would knock him out! One should therefore not panic that he is breathing in millions of germs every moment. As long as he is healthy, he learns to overcome them.
But if a child is emotionally destroyed because his parents are cold and critical, constantly pointing thing out to him and insulting him, or making him feel unwanted, then his state is shaky and there will be a constant risk against any difficultly he faces.
A parent with a good heart, even who sometimes gets angry or makes errors, has not made a fatal mistake. The deciding factor in the child's well-being is having an overall good atmosphere.