Destructive Pampering

One should certainly love his child, but this does not mean he should pamper him. Pampering is buying every single item for the child and answering his every demand. This phenomenon is very damaging to a child and can lead to his character crumbling. He must learn to overcome and conquer his inclinations. In life, we do not always get what we want. And there is no reason for the response to such situations to be rebellion or despair. When he grows up, there will be many times when there is a gap between his aspirations or desires and what he actually has. We must educate our children when they are young to deal with these situations. It is forbidden to spoil child – the word “spoil” means to “ruin”. This is what happens when one pampers a child.
In truth, a child has no need for being pampered. Pampering is a replacement for love. When there is love, there is no need for pampering. A child does not demand to be spoiled. When parents do not love enough, they shower their child with pampering. They buy him lots of toys and candy in place of the love which is lacking.
In America, many parents work hard from morning to night, don’t have time for their kids, and are therefore filled with guilt. As a result, they provide compensation for love by spoiling their children, which literally spoils them. The equation pampering = love is incorrect. Love is what equals love.