Unconditional Love

A mother turned to me: "Our 16 year-old son acts irresponsibly. He ran away from home."
I asked her: "Are the lines of communication open between you and your son? Can he speaking freely with you?"
"No, he is mad at me."
"Can he communicate with your husband?"
"Also no."
"Is there someone in the family, he trusts?"
"Perhaps an uncle, a grandparent?"
"A neighbor?"
"A teacher?"
"A Rabbi?"
"If so, he is alone. He is lost."
In our huge world, a person must have at least two people who love him unconditionally. If the love is conditional, he feels threatened. It is impossible to say to a child: "Look, I love you today because you acted so nicely."
This is not true love. We must love him even if he does not act nicely. If he acts properly, we should certainly express our love and respect, but this is in addition to the unconditional love we must convey to him. Before all else, there must be this foundation: We love you in every situation. Even if he returns from school and he was rude to all the teachers, ripped the other students clothing and broke windows and tables – it does not matter, we must love him!