Expressing Love

A couple once came to a marriage counselor. The wife said: "We have been married 20 years and my husband has never said: I love you." The counselor turned to the husband and said: "This is a serious accusation. What do you have to say for yourself?" He responded: "It's not true that I never said it. I said it one time before the wedding, and we got married based on it. If it changes, I'll inform you…"
This is not the correct path. A spouse not only needs to be loved, and not only needs to know that he/she is loved, but there must be daily expressions of love. And this is true all the more so for a child. A child requires expressions of love.
It is impossible to explain it to a child intellectually. Doesn't he know? After all, the parents bought him a bed, toys, food and signed him up for after-school programs, etc.? No! This is not enough. A parent must tell the child that he is loved, and not once when he first comes into the world, but throughout his entire life!