A Child's Life – A Jungle

Expressing love to a child is truly life saving. If a child does not feel that others love him – he is finished.
We have to remember that a child's world is like a jungle. All sorts of people cause him distress and disturb his contentment.
He is surrounded by friends in school, the park, home, etc., and they bother him at times, and sometimes take from him, or he feels that they are taking from him. The teacher scolds him, the neighbor yells at him. Often times close relatives visit and volunteer to educate him: "Where are your manners? A little honor for your parents! Sit up straight! Look at how you are eating! Why don't you study well? What type of grades are these?!" A huge flood of comments.
And relationships with siblings are not simple. He loves them, but they sometimes threaten to take his place. He is not alone – he has competition.
In brief – a child lives in a jungle. This can be difficult. But in this dangerous world, there is a wonder drug: Love and expressions of love. Offer them generously.