The Ideal Nursery School Teacher

How does one choose a nursery school? Based on the teacher.
And how does one choose a teacher? As is known, the teacher fills the place of the mother. Therefore, the most important trait for a nursery school teacher is to be motherly.
The second trait is awe of Heaven (Yirat Shamayim). This does not mean that she teaches the children awe of Heaven, but that she herself is filled with the holiness of Torah, attends Torah classes to the best of her ability, cleaves to women who are Talmidot Chachamot, yearns for holiness, and then the children will absorb it from her. An educator is not one who commands others to elevate themselves spiritually, but who is doing so on his own, and brings others along with him. Rabbenu Ha-Rav Tzvi Yehudah used a parable: An educator is similar to an oven which heats itself inside and then radiates warmth out - the warmth of holiness, integrity and Torah.
The third trait is the educational techniques used by the teacher. Sometimes, there is a teacher who uses many techniques but is dry, and it is better to have a motherly teacher, who is filled with displays of love for the children.
In sum, the business card of a nursery school teacher is: 1. Motherliness. 2. Yirat Shamayim. 3. Educational Technique.