Hey Bear, It's Our Place

Question: The political world and the media are engrossed with the threat that the Arabs will declare a State in September following a vote in the UN. What is Ha-Rav's opinion?
Answer: The suggestion to establish a Palestinian state has arisen once again, and we therefore need to understand once and for all: This Land belongs to us, all of it, in the borders stated in the Tanach. As our history books write, we had a Kingdom here for thousands of years which the Romans destroyed, as mentioned in the Balfour Declaration and approved at the San Remo Conference. In brief: This Land is ours.
A friend, who went on vacation in Alaska, told me that he sat by the sea, fishing. During the flight in the small plane that brought them there, someone jokingly asked: "What happens if a bear approaches us?" Yet the group leader didn't laugh. He answered: "Look it straight in the eye and say to it: 'Hey bear, this is my place!'" Later on when my friend was fishing, he heard a rustling behind him. He turned around and saw a terrifying sight – a bear was threatening him. He had the courage to look it in the eye without blinking and to say: "'Hey bear, this is my place!" The bear growled, turned around and left.
We have to state clearly to the Arabs and the entire world: This Land is our place. It is all ours. This Land was, is and will always be, our place.