What would a Rabbi do if he saw a child eating non-Kosher food? He would certainly admonish him and throw it in the garbage! What would a responsible Beit Din do if it saw a child eating Treif? They would, of course, hit him so that he would learn a lesson once and for all!
Wrong! They would not do anything. This is indeed the opinion of our Sages that if a child if eating Treif, the Beit Din is not obligated to take it from him (Yevamot 114a). How radical they are! – i.e. radical in patience. This ruling is also found in the Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim #343).
Parents are obviously obligated to educate their children, but this is to be done without pressure, hurtful criticism, yelling, or insults. We must talk to our children, but everything is dependent on the tone we use. We must establish boundaries, but everything must be done with a smile. We must educate them, but without hurting them. We must help get on the right path, but without weakening them emotionally or breaking their self-confidence.
In one word: Patience. Or even more so: With love.