Maybe you’re upset?

When you decide to punish your child, you have to ask yourself: Do you truly think that you are educating him, or is the punishment perhaps merely an outlet for your anger? Maybe your’re upset? Just revenge? At first glance, it seems strange to blame you with taking revenge against your beloved child, but perhaps you feel he is ruining his life, and you harbor conscious or subconscious stress, which bursts out in a certain way. Check yourself carefully, lest the punishment be the fruit of your upset or an inner inclination towards violence, conscious or subconscious. To a certain extent, perhaps the animal within human beings resides within you? Baruch Hashem, within the Nation of Israel, this "animalism" has largely been sweetened over the generation. But remnants certainly still exist and we must free ourselves from them. While there is a place for punishing, there are limitations and conditions, and it should not be the central tenet in building a child. Therefore, before educating your child, educate yourself.