Kitzur Tefilat Amecha #44-45

[adapted by Rabbi Shmuel Jablon from Rav Aviner's three-volume commentary on the siddur "Tefilat Amecha"]

In the third paragraph of Shema, we have five important themes. First, we have the Mitzvah of Tzitizit. This is a mitzvah we can do throughout the day, and that reminds us of all the other Mitzvot. Second, we are reminded about our being freed from Egypt. Third, we again accept the Mitzvot as the Tzitizit are to remind us of all of them. Fourth, we learn not to follow our hearts to bad and evil ideas. Fifth, we learn not to go after our eyes and give in to our evil inclination to do bad things. Because of these crucial ideas, we say this Parasha twice a day as part of Kriyat Shema.

After we say Kriat Shema we say "Emet" - It’s true, correct, straight, beloved, wonderful, good, awesome, perfect and beautiful. To what is this referring? Everything that we have read before in the Kriyat Shema. We accept it and believe it forever. We say: "He is G-d of the world forever". He is involved in this world and cares about us. That’s again accepting the Yoke of the Heavenly Kingdom. We say that someone is happy when they listen to His Mitzvot. That is again accepting the Yoke of the Mitzvot. We say that we were freed from Egypt by Him. Notice that just like in the Haggada, we aren’t saying our ancestors were freed. We were freed. So everything we have said in Shema, we state that it is true now and it is true forever.