How are you, my sweet baby?

"How are you, my sweet baby?" It is not clear that your baby understands all of the words you are saying, but he understands a part of them. He also understands the intonation and the body language.
"I love you" – he certainly understands, especially when it is accompanied by a smile.
"One second and I will come to nurse you" – he also understands this on condition it is said with a truly pleasant tone and not in frustration.
"It is time for you to go to sleep, honey" – it is clear, since you are putting him in bed.
"Blessed are You, Hashem… who brings forth bread from the earth" – he sees his father and mother blessing Hashem with seriousness and a feeling of holiness before eating, and this prepares him for the idea that a Divine Being is above.
When he sees that his parents speak to one another in love, fraternity, peace and friendship, it purifies his world and builds it.
But if he sees his parents speaking angrily to one another – his world is destroyed.
This is horrible.
Remember: this little one is not deaf or blind. He hears everything and sees everything.
May his house be filled with goodness and blessing.