To Love the Land and to Come Live In It

[Be-Ahavah U-Be-Emunah – Vayakel 5771 – translated by R. Blumberg]

The quotations below are from the concluding discussion after a seminar about moving to Israel, held by the “Kehilot Yisrael” organization, which organizes group Aliyah.
Preparation includes: Personal contact with every Aliyah candidate while still abroad, three preparatory seminars where participants learn Torah sources about the Land of Israel and deal with practical problems, a pilot trip to Israel to look for a place to live and, following Aliyah, the organization accompanies immigrants for the first year, including assistance to children with auxiliary teachers and National Service young women.
– I used to say to myself: “For sure I will move to Israel, but not yet.” Now I say to myself, “If not now, when?” The longer I wait, the harder it will be, and if I don't move to Israel for myself, then I should do it for my children.
– Obviously you've got to prepare for Aliyah, but you shouldn't wait too long.
– I thought a lot and I decided that it's not so impossible. If you really want to, you can solve the problems.
– We've got to do all we can to make the move. Nothing is impossible.
– I came to the seminar with a lot of questions, and I didn't get answers to them all, but when all is said and done, no one is Israel is dying of hunger. No one is sleeping out on the street, and nobody ill goes untreated. It's true. We've got all sorts of real questions, but asking questions can be taken too far. We'll always manage. This is our place, the place G-d gave us.
– I came to the conclusion that the problem is with me. So I'll work on myself and make the move.
– I've got strong motivation to move to Israel, but also some big questions, especially about schools for my kids. Yet when we arrive, the problems will certainly find solutions.
– I'm getting more and more convinced. I'll do my utmost to make Aliyah as soon as possible, and G-d will help me.
– At some point I stopped asking questions. First you've got to decide that you're coming, and you've got to set a date. Then you tackle the problems however it suits you.
– The more time passes, the less questions I have. In two days I've advanced a great deal.
– I've stopped asking. My mind’s in Israel.
– Thank G-d, now I want to make Aliyah. I've finally extricated myself from all sorts of negative ideas I hear all around me.
– I thought the typical immigrant was someone with nothing to lose by coming on Aliyah, a person with work problems and problems with his children's education. But here I've met physicians, engineers, lawyers, who will only gain by staying in the Diaspora. But they're on Aliyah! It was an eye-opener. I had fears, and they've disappeared!
– I’ve had a lot of hardships in life. Compared to them, Aliyah isn't a hardship. Obviously, it isn't easy, but we do what we have to.
– We've got to make Aliyah as fast as we can. We've got to stop with the questions. Otherwise, we'll never come.
– I always thought about Aliyah, but never set a date. Now I've got a date. I'm on the way.
– Group Aliyah is a tried and true approach. You feel you're getting support, and a push forward. I came to this seminar as just a tourist, and gradually our thoughts and feelings have developed and been clarified. Our future is there in Israel. We'll be able to look our children proudly in the eye for our decision.
– Before coming to this seminar, I didn't know what it would involve. Now we've been able to make sense of our thoughts. Something that was stuck has come free.
– Sometimes I tell the Jews in France, “What are you doing here?! Now it's hit home that I'm here too.
– I've got no more questions. I'm impatient to come.
– Earning a living isn't the problem. It's just a matter of making a decision. Once we decide, we'll solve the problems. Others have made Aliyah in worse shape than us. If they did it, we can too.
– There will always be questions. I've to plug my ears not to hear all the people around me who are weakening my motivation. My place is clearly in Israel.
– Thank you! We've coming!
– It's the wise decision. We shall succeed. Our doubts have disappeared.
– If we don't come, we'll miss out on the helping hand G-d is offering us.
- Until now it’s all been theoretical talk. From now on we’re advancing to action.
- I’ve discovered fabulous people here, new friends, friends traveling the same route as I. It’s given me a real push forward. Together, we’ll all succeed.
- The evil gossip about Israel that people talk here is so awful. They tell me that I’m crazy for wanting to make Aliyah. At this seminar everything has been clarified. Until my Aliyah date I’ll close my ears.
- I had a lot of questions. After hearing what was said here, they’ve all disappeared.
- It was my husband who aroused me to Aliyah. Now I’m going to push him with all my might.
- I won’t tell anyone in my circle that I’ve decided on Aliyah, so that they won’t discourage me.
- I’ve decided to move to Israel, and tomorrow I’ll start learning Hebrew.
- Recently I’ve undergone a lot of changes. Without a doubt, it’s for the good of our children.
- We’re on our way there. We’ve just got to solve several small problems. My place is there.
- I’ve received answers to my questions, even the ones I didn’t think to ask.
- Here I’ve met friends I can work together with.
- Thanks to the group. Now I don’t feel alone.
- This has been an exalting experience. I feel like I’ve been born anew. I feel certain of myself. I’ve got nothing to fear. Our Land will protect us.
- All the difficulties are like labor pains. I’m being reborn.