Speaking Gently

It is most stressful when Shabbat is approaching and not everything is ready. A man must make sure that three things in his house are ready: "Have you tithed?" – Since if the Terumot and Ma'asrot have not been separated from the food, there is no way to fix it on Shabbat and it is forbidden to eat them on Shabbat. "Have you made an Eiruv?" – One must make an Eiruv to allow carrying in one's courtyard or else it is forbidden to carry and we are trapped. "Light the Shabbat candle" – And if not, it is pitch black (Mishnah Shabbat 2:7).
Our Sages add a provision to these important comments: Even though one must say them, he should say them gently, in order that people will listen (Shabbat 34a).
One must be careful about being overly excited religiously. Do not think that yelling and exerting pressure will yield the desired results. On the contrary, speaking gently is the secret to success.
This is therefore the way to speak to one's wife, and all the more so one's child. An adult is not built to withstand constant yelling. How then can a young child deal with such tension?!
One should certainly educate his child, and certainly point out things to him, but everything depends of how things are said. The words of Sages are heard when said gently (Kohelet 9:17).