Parashat Vayakel: Do Not Ascend Onto the Mountain – Part 4

Recorded from two conversations with our Teacher and Rabbi, Ha-Rav Tzvi Tau Shlit"a – Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Har Ha-Mor in Yerushalayim
[Sefer Le-Mikdashech Tuv, pp. 177-187]

Q: We are Zionists in matters of the Land of Israel, but "Satmar" (who are intensely anti-Zionists) in matters of the Temple Mount.
A: We have a Rav (Maran Ha-Rav Avraham Yitzchak Ha-Cohain Kook) who showed us the way. In matters relating to the Land of Israel, we also do not rule for ourselves. We have a Rav and we have a path. It is impossible to accept the Rav in one matter and reject him in another. As forceful as Ha-Rav [Kook] ztz"l was in matters of the Land of Israel, he cautioned that in this point one must not touch [the Temple Mount]. When an important person of great merits in building the Land entered the Temple Mount on account of some scheme which he though permitted it, Ha-Rav [Kook] ztz"l wrote: "One infringement on the holiness of the site of ‘The House of Our Lives,’ will counteract for us the myriad of physical settlements [we are building elsewhere in the Land of Israel]" (Igrot Ha-Re’eiyah vol. 2, 285).

Q: But that person entered really close to the site of the Temple, we are only talking about entering the Temple Mount within the wall and not within the Courtyard?
A: But we said that Rav Salant and Ha-Rav [Kook] ztz"l refrained from putting their fingers [into the Kotel]! With whom are we arguing?!

Q: Are we discussing the basic law, or a pious act?
A: This was a clear ruling, large-size announcements from the Chief Rabbinate were hung in Yeshivat Mercaz Ha-Rav. This is not the way. All of this issue of prayer in the "Machkameh" is distancing us from the Temple Mount and destroying its essential value. It is preferable to use this energy to establish more towns and settlements.

Q: Don't the settlements do damage because they do not act in a proper fashion towards the site of the Temple?
A: The settlements damage because we did not explain and did not arouse the Nation. Similarly, we should certainly arouse for the issue of the Temple Mount by means of tours, conferences and days of study.

Q: But this also needs to be built on an "awakening from below" (a Kabbalistic concept which means that it is sometimes possible for humans on Earth to take an action which prompts Hashem to react from above).
A: The "awakening from below" is to exalt the Nation in order for us to be at a proper level, in order that we will arrive in unity, so we can have one Kingship, to reestablish Semichah (Rabbinic ordination which originated from Moshe Rabbenu and was lost under Roman oppression) and to learn the issues of sacrifices and issues of prophecy.

[To be concluded next week, B"H]