When to Begin Education

It once happened that a father turned to an educator and asked: At what age should we begin to educate our baby?
The educator asked: How old is your son?
The joyous father looked at his watch and said: 10 minutes!
The educator responded: You're too late…
Perfecting character traits is, in fact, a long process. Parents have to work on their character traits long before the baby is born in order to be ready. They have at least nine months before the birth. In general, in order to have a happy marriage, a couple must first learn about perfecting their character traits in the "School of Friendship," with members of their own gender.
The parents' character traits influence the child not only through education but also flow into the soul the baby is given. Furthermore, the holiness of the parents at the time of conception influences the holiness of the soul of the fetus. "And you will make yourself holy and you will be holy" (Vayikra 11:44).