Ten Commandments of the Babysitter

1. Don't be even a minute late. If you are concerned about being late, than plan to arrive a little early.
2. If you are late, apologize.
3. Don't take the kids out without prior permission. If you do have permission to take them to a certain place, don't take them elsewhere.
4. Give the children a lot to drink. Don't force them, but suggest, and make sure they also eat.
5. Don't neglect the children. If their clothing or diapers are wet, change them as quickly as possible.
6. Don't let the children become over-tired. Allow them to rest sufficiently.
7. Don't let the children cry. Hug them, kiss them, comfort them.
8. Don't enter closed rooms in the house if you were not given permission.
9. Don't read books if you were not given permission, and in general, don't use anything without permission.
10. If the mother points something out, don't respond with chutzpa or yell, rather humbly and politely listen.