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Ha-Rav answers hundreds of text messages questions a day! Here's a sample:
Giving Away Parts of Eretz Yisrael
Q: If, in theory, giving away a small part of Eretz Yisrael would bring true peace, would it be permissible?
A: No. Just like you would not give your wife to your neighbor for a short time in order to bring peace between you and your neighbor. In any case, one should not deal with unrealistic questions.

Private Marriage
Q: I am about to get married to a woman, but on account of the marriage she will lose a large sum of money she receives monthly for being an army widow. Can I marry her before two witnesses without registering with the Chief Rabbinate?
A: It is forbidden. 1. According to the law. 2. According to the Halachah. 3. Theft.

Stealing from a Non-Jew
Q: Is it permissible to steal from an Arab?
A: G-d forbidden. It is theft and a desecration of Hashem's Name (see Be'er Ha-Golah, Choshen Mishpat 348:1).

Q: Why is someone who committed suicide buried with everyone else, when it is mentioned in the Halachah that he should not be?
A: Perhaps he regretted his actions; perhaps he lacked sanity (Aruch Ha-Shulchan, Yoreh Deah 345:5).

Women and Tefillin
Q: Can a woman apply the black color on Tefillin straps?
A: Yes. Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 33. Mishnah Berurah #23.

Health Insurance
Q: Should one have full-coverage health insurance?
A: Yes. It is very important. It is essential for any illness, may one not come (see Rabbi Avraham ben Ha-Rambam, Ha-Maspik Le-Ovdei Hashem, Sha'ar Ha-Bitachon. Kovetz Teshuvot of Ha-Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv vol. 1).

Broken Mirror
Q: It is permissible to have a broken mirror in a room?
A: There is no problem.

Prayer for the State of Israel
Q: Do I have to stand for the Prayer for the State of Israel? I am Sefardic and do not stand for Kaddish. Which is more important?
A: It depends on the custom of each place. Regarding the issue of standing: we do not stand for the Shema, which is more important than Baruch She-Amar.

Q: Is it permissible to go to a Muslim ceremony that is held in their museum?
A: No. Islam is heresy, since it claims that the Torah has been nullified. We do not strengthen those who are transgressing.

After Vomiting
Q: I ate a meat meal and vomited. Do I have to wait before eating dairy?
A: Yes. According to the reasoning of the Rambam, we wait because of the fear that there is meal between one's teeth (Ma'achalot Asurot 9:28).

Tefilat Ha-Derech
Q: Is one obligated to recite Tefilat Ha-Derech while standing?
A: Some halachic authorities write that one should stand; it is therefore a positive act. However, it was decided that one does not need to, based on the basic meaning of the Gemara (Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 68:4).

Wrapped Cakes
Q: Is it permissible to buy wrapped cakes with Kosher certification in a store which does not have certification?
A: Yes. And it is not Ma'arit Ayin, since everyone knows that there are Kosher products there.

Q: Is there any meaning in dreams?
A: Not in our days. Almost all of them are extensions of a person’s thoughts during waking hours.

Q: Following the death of my father, my friends have distanced themselves from me. How did I act wrongly?
A: They acted wrongly. But this is a complex subject. You can call me.

Jokes about the Holocaust
Q: Is it permissible to tell black-humored jokes about the Holocaust?
A: G-d forbid!!!!

Confiscating a Student's Belonging
Q: Is it permissible for a teacher to confiscate a student's belonging for the entire year?
A: It all depends on the school's rules, which a student accepts upon entrance.

Mourner's House
Q: Is it forbidden to sleep in a mourner's house?
A: No.

Blood in an Egg
Q: Why don't we check hard-boiled eggs for blood?
A: Because it is rare to find blood. Only when we open an egg do we check (Rama, Yoreh Deah 66:8. Aruch Ha-Shulchan ibid. #11. And the Chazon Ish also did not check hard-boiled eggs. His brother-in-law, Ha-Rav Y.Y. Kanievski - the "Steipler" was, however, particular to check, and his wife related that he was sometimes stricter on certain things than her brother, the Chazon Ish – Orchot Rabbenu vol. 1 p. 239 #11 and vol. 3 p. 70 #8).