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Ha-Rav answers hundreds of text messages questions a day! Here's a sample:
Text Message Responsa
Q: I haven't seen [the equivalent of ] text message responsa (i.e. short Q&A) among the Ultra-Orthodox.
A: You haven't looked well enough. For example, there are many volumes of rulings from Ha-Rav Chaim Kanievski which have even shorter answers than those of text messages.

Divine Providence
Q: If a person is seriously injured, why do doctors care for him? Aren’t they interfering with Hashem's will?
A: It is also Hashem's will that they heal him, as it is written: "And he should surely heal" (Shemot 25:19. Baba Kama 85b).

Comforting Mourners
Q: Is it true that if I attended a wedding, it is forbidden for me to comfort mourners for a month's time?
A: Incorrect.

A: I dreamt that my father appeared to me and asked me to pay a certain amount of money to a particular person. Should I?
A: Only if you actually owe him money.

Meat and Milk for an Animal
Q: Is it permissible to feed a dog meat and milk?
A: It is forbidden if they were cooked together, since it is forbidden to benefit from such a mixture. But it is permissible if they were mixed while cold (Chulin 113a).
Q: Same with fish and meat?
A: Also permissible (Pesachim 76b).

Q: If one smokes and dies from cancer, is it considered suicide?
A: No, since not everyone who smokes dies from it, and smoking is not an immediate risk. But it is certainly forbidden.

A Single Woman's Hair
Q: Is a single woman obligated to have her hair in a pony tail?
A: This is a stricture. The essence is that her hair is not eye-catching.

Purchases before Birth
Q: Is there a problem with buying items for a baby before he is born?
A: There is no problem.

Knocking on Wood
Q: Is it permissible to knock on wood when hearing bad news?
A: No. That is superstition: knocking to idol worship and Christianity.

Evil Inclination
Q: Why is the evil inclination so strong?
A: In order for us to fight it and elevate ourselves towards Hashem.

Down’s Syndrome
Q: Can a man with Down’s Syndrome receive an Aliyah?
A: Yes, if he reads and understands.

Babylonian Talmud
Q: Why does the Halachah follow the Babylonian Talmud more than the Jerusalem Talmud?
A: The Halachah follows the later opinion. See the Rif at the end of Eruvin.

Christian Money
Q: Is it permissible to send my son to learn in an institution which receives money from a Christian organization?
A: It is forbidden to receive money from them, but the institution also receives other, Kosher, money. It is therefore permissible to learn there.

Q: Is it true that Maran Ha-Rav Kook believed in Evolution?
A: No. He only said that it does not contradict the Torah. He also said that the theory of Evolution needs to evolve (Igrot Ha-Re'eiyah 1, 91).

Organ Donation
Q: If a person donates his organs after he dies, will he be resurrected with those organs?
A: Yes, with all of his organs, including those which quickly disintegrate into the dirt. Those which he donated will have additional light.

Non-Jews in the Resurrection of the Dead
Q: Will non-Jews be resurrected?
A: Yes. The righteous gentiles have a share in the World to Come.

Spiritual Decline
Q: I suddenly have a feeling of spiritual emptiness without having sinned. Why did this happen?
A: It is a test, an opportunity to serve Hashem for its own sake and not for spiritual pleasure. Be strong and courageous.

Evil Eye
Q: I have had an illness for many years and it is becoming more severe. I have tried everything, and am in despair. I don't believe in the evil eye, but feel that this is it. What should I do?
A: This is not the evil eye. You can call me.